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Real Fit Mini Challenge

Vision Challenge: Write Yourself a Vision Letter!

Happy New Year! As we embark on this new year, it’s fun and exciting to think about all the things we hope to accomplish.

What will you look back on and be able to say, “Great job- I’m really proud of myself!” about?What do you want to tackle this year? Are there goals you’d like to achieve, habits you’d like to make, adventures you’d love to take?

On a piece of paper, write down the top 1-5 goals that you’d like to accomplish this year.

This week your challenge is to supercharge our goals and turn them into reality! This exercise might feel little a strange at first but do it anyway! I promise it’ll be worth it!📷

Take a few minutes to think about how amazing you’ll feel as you accomplish each thing on your list. Really let yourself feel it all: proud, happy, grateful, amazed, fulfilled – all of it!

Now, write yourself a letter, dated Dec. 31, 2020, congratulating yourself on each and every one of your accomplishments. Tell yourself exactly why you’re proud of yourself for each one, and go into detail about how it has improved the quality of your life.

Studies show that when we put emotion behind our intentions, we’re more apt to make them a reality.

Put your letter somewhere you can read it on a regular basis (even daily!) so that you remind yourself of what each accomplishment means to you.

Are you in for this challenge!? If you are, let me know in a comment below! Also, once you write your letter, please share with us one of your biggest takeaways! Accountability is powerful!!

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