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Real Fit Mini Challenge 

🔥📢WEEKLY CHALLENGE TIME! 🔥📢 💪🔥👍 This week I have another fun challenge for you! We’re going to take the stairs – at least 10 flights a day! 💝💦 Climbing stairs is a GREAT exercise that’s good for your heart and the powerful muscles of your legs and glutes. It’s a fantastic do-anywhere workout that requires just one piece of equipment: a set of stairs.

🏃‍♂🚶‍♀You can choose to take the stairs any way that works for you! 🏙️If you work or live in a multiple-story building, you can take several flights in a row. 🏠If you only have access to a single set of stairs, you can go up and down that same set. ⏰ You can spread your flights over the course of a day … if you’re fully warmed up before you tackle the stairs you can run up them (but please be sure to just walk back down for safety’s sake!) ... or you can take two steps at a time. It’s up to you! 💪💪 🔥🔥🔥Are you UP for this week’s “10 Flights Per Day Challenge”!? Let me know in the comments below! ⬇️⬇️

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