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Real Fit Mini Challenge

🔥📢 WEEKLY CHALLENGE TIME! 🔥📢 ✨💡 We have an important challenge for you this week, one that you can share with your whole family if you want!

📱🖥 It’s all about cutting back on how much time you spend online. And it’s super important for your brain health. 🧠 A huge area of research right now is how the internet (and our phones/tablets/computers) is affecting the way our brains work. We are constantly bombarded with alerts and notifications, and our brains are taking the brunt of it. ⚡ One of the biggest takeaways from a recent study shows that being “connected” all the time makes it harder for us to pay attention to just one thing at a time. Our ability to focus is becoming more “shallow” – and we are getting more comfortable with multiple distractions at the same time. 🐿 While scientists are always learning more and more about this topic, this has big implications for our brain health as we age. And not only that, but losing our ability to FOCUS can make it really hard to learn new things. 😵 ☢☣ So this week we are all about working on (re)developing your focus … away from your computer, phone, and for some of us, even our smartwatches. 💻⌨🖱 Your challenge (if you dare to accept it) is to POWER DOWN *all* your devices, put your phone in a drawer in another room, and walk away! (Don’t skip the shutting off part! It’s important!) 💡 Start by doing this for 15 minutes, and add a few minutes every day for the rest of the week. I hope you join us! Are you in? When you are back online, report your results!! ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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