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Real Fit Mini Challenge

🔥📢 WEEKLY CHALLENGE TIME! 🔥📢 💪😅⭐ This week’s challenge will give you the chance to show yourself that you’re the boss when it comes to your fitness. You’re gonna RULE over burpees, one of the most legendary exercises of all time!

🤡Your challenge this week is to do 100 of them …. 20 each day for the next 5 days! 👹🤬☠🙅‍♂ For some reason everyone loves to hate burpees. Yes, they are challenging … but that’s why they are so awesome! They push your limits to help you become stronger and fitter: they’re great for your cardiovascular system, your core strength, your flexibility and more! Not only that, but they can be modified for practically every fitness level. 💪 Here’s how to do a burpee: ⭐ From a standing position, reach down to the ground, placing your hands on the floor as you jump (or step) your legs behind you into a plank position. ⭐ (Optional: do a push-up) ⭐ Jump (or step) your legs back in. ⭐ Come to standing position, and then jump up, reaching your hands overhead. ⭐ Repeat for desired number of reps. 🙅‍♂ If doing a traditional burpee feels like a reach for you, you can do them off a bench! Instead of reaching to the floor, place your hands on a bench, and rather than jumping your feet out and back in, you can step them in and out instead. 💪 Are you ready to show burpees who’s boss? Let us know in the comments ... show us a gif to show how pumped you are about this challenge! 🏆

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