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Gluta Bomb (Glutamine)

Gluta Bomb (Glutamine)

Gluta Bomb (Micronized L Glutamine)[300g]

Micronized L formed Glutamine for the everyday athlete.  Gluta Bomb is designed to stimulate the synthesis of new protein within your muscles; thereby facilitating new muscle growth and increasing the size and strength of your muscles.  The muscle cell is able to transport nutrients more efficiently and helps you burn fat even faster.  


The most potent Micronized L formed Glutamine for serious bodybuilders and athletes.   L-formed Glutamine is a member of Amino Acid Group which is naturally-occurring most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue.


100% pure HPLC tested Micronized L-Glutamine

GGluta Bomb (Micronized L Glutamine)

  • Amino Acid
  • Post Training Recovery
  • Muscle Repair
  • Muscle Build
  • Protein Synthesis
  • Delat Fatigue
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$24.99Sale Price

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